Click the banner above to purchase a premium Real Debrid Account and follow the steps below to setup Real Debrid in Kodi:

  • Select Mediazone Menu Bar
  • Select Select Covenant
  • Select Tools
  • Select Accounts
  • Select Scroll Down to Debrid Service
  • Select URL Resolver settings
  • Select Universal Resolvers
  • Scroll down to Real-Debrid
  • Select Priority
  • Change priority to 90 and select Done
  • Select OK to save your changes (we need to do this before authorising otherwise the changes may not save)
  • Select Configure (again)
  • Select Universal Resolvers
  • Scroll down to Real-Debrid
  • Select (Re)Authorize My Account
  • You will now get a popup asking you to go to the Real Debrid website
  • Open a web browser on your device (or your phone/computer or anything) and go to 
  • (you must be logged into Real Debrid for this to work) and enter the code and select Continue
  • You should now see a popup telling you that your account is authorised
  • Real Debrid is now setup
You now also need to enable Real-Debrid in Elysium so go to media zone menu bar-select elysium-select tools-select providers-select debrid provders tab-select enable-select OK
Changelog : 13th August 17
Kodi 16/17 Builds
Added Bennu (new Phoenix adoon)
Added Bob Unleashed (replaces Bob addon)
Removed Bob
Added FTFA
Removed Kong TV
Removed Kong Kidz
Added Bluray Movies (Real Debrid only)
Added Bob Sports to Live Events
Added Zodiac Sports Events
Removed Skynet
Added British Cinema
Removed DR Stream
Added Supremacy Live Events
Added Bennu Live Events
Fixed Supremacy Live TV
Generla Tidy up and removed broken addons
Android Apps